In Alberta, all collisions reported to Alberta Transportation involving your NSC commercial vehicle(s) will appear on your carrier profile as a preventable collision. Preventable collisions that appear on the Carrier Profile will result in points and an increased risk rating, which could potentially lead to an NSC audit, fines, increased insurance premiums or possibly risk not being able to receive an insurance renewal.

For Alberta, Carriers can request collisions be evaluated by the Manager of Investigations – Carrier and Vehicle Safety of Alberta Transportation. This process is completed when a Carrier completes an “application for Collision Evaluation” in full and includes all the required supporting documentation to be considered during the review.


How did this happen?

We understand that not all collisions that occur with your NSC commercial vehicles are preventable, but we do not want to confuse the term “preventable” with “fault”. You may be asking...

Why would this collision show on a Carrier Profile as preventable?


Why would a Carrier be assigned points, and increased risk rating and more…?

Was the collision preventable or not? 


Did they or you do everything possible to help ensure the collision did not occur?

What do you do now?

We highly recommend a Carrier evaluates all collisions that occur with the NSC commercial vehicles.

Now, this is not something to take lightly. There are serious consequences to a Carrier when preventable collisions appear on the Carrier Profile.


The collision evaluation application, including all required supporting documentation, must be sent to the Manager of Investigations with Carrier and Vehicle Safety within 12 months days of the collision date.


What do you do from here?

We understand the seriousness of this application, which is why we assist Carriers with the preparation of:

  • the collision evaluation application

  • assist with internal investigations post collision,

  • additional preventative training and more.

Regardless if you have a collision showing on your Carrier Profile (12 months from the date of the collision) or if a collision just occurred, we encourage you to contact us and we can assist.