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Each commercial carrier and its employees have specific regulatory requirements they comply with.


The requirements will differ, depending on how you register your organization, but nonetheless, if you operate commercial vehicles for your business's operation, there are specific requirements laid out in the regulations that your organization must comply with. 

Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions offers affordable packages to commercial carriers, providing monitoring services to ensure their safety & maintenance program, policies, and procedures and required files are living documents and are being complied with, post-collision reviews and evaluations, and carrier profile monitoring. If your business is uncertain if you're operating within the boundaries of compliance and desire a second look, then we encourage you to contact us today!

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Depending on how you have registered your commercial carrier organization, will depend on the required programs, policies, and procedures your organization and employees will be required to comply with. There is two commercial carrier operating statuses in Alberta, for example:

A federal carrier includes any commercial truck, tractor, or combination that is used for business purposes and is registered for greater than 4,501 KG and travels outside of Alberta. 

A provincial carrier includes any commercial truck, tractor, or combination that is used for business purposes and is registered for greater than 11,793 KG and stays within Alberta.

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Creating a culture of passionate employees that are focused on the growth of your business for the long haul can be challenging, which is why we work closely with carriers and various organizations in the transportation & logistic sectors to:

First, complete a culture assessment and identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses. From there, we work closely with a company representative to construct an action plan that will help you develop a culture that empowers employees to believe they are part of the overall mission. 

By doing so, it is proven that an organization's retention rates improve, the probability of recruiting top talent increases, the health of your organization blossoms, and ultimately your customers benefits from your efforts.

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Far too often, organizations operating within the transportation and logistic sectors are stuck in their old ways, and when presented with a change in process, you will likely hear "oh no, we cannot change, we have always done it this way..." 

This expression can be compared to a hole in the bottom of a ship while out at sea. The organization will ultimately slow down, or worse, sink if your organization does not integrate the right technologies.

Technologies that will ultimately improve workflows, speed up processes, and eliminate unnecessary paperwork - as a result, you will improve the rate at which you and your employees complete the required processes each day. This provides an opportunity to work on other, more profitable tasks. 

Helping You Navigate The Boundaries of Compliance

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