Existing Carriers, who can also be known as "Legends within the Industry" are recognized for the incredible impact they make in our industry on a daily basis. An impact by the services they provide, the clients they serve, the vehicles they operate, and more.

With the number of regulatory changes our industry have experienced, we understand that existing Carrier's need support and guidance on what adjustments need to be made to ensure their organization continues to operate within the boundaries of compliance.

Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions works with Carrier's to help ensure their organization is in compliance, so they can continue to focus on serving their clients, safely.

Services we provide to existing Carriers:

  • Monitoring Existing NSC Safety System Program 

  • Compliance Consulting

  • Creation and or Adjustment of Current Safety and Maintenance Program

  • Creation and or Adjustment of Current Policies and Procedures

  • Setup and Monitoring Required Driver Files and NSC Vehicle Files

  • Setup and Monitoring Required Daily Vehicle Inspection Records 

  • Hours of Service Daily Logs and Driver Fatigue Monitoring

  • Safety Meetings - Customized to Carrier’s Operation

  • Trip Inspection Audits, Road Observations, Highway Observations

  • Preventable Collision Investigation Assistance

  • Conviction and Violation Investigation Assistance

  • Mock ARC Audits (Assessment of Regulatory Compliance)

  • Preparation of ARC Audits which will need to be completed within 3 years of Expiry Date Indicated on the Carriers Safety Fitness Certificate or New Carrier Compliance Review within 1 year of Expiry Date

  • GPS Tracking Devices to Assist with Asset Protection and Reducing Dwell Times

  • Customized Orientation Packages to Meet Minimal Requirements but to Help Install Long Term Confidence with New Hires

  • Assistance with Driver Retention, Promotion, Growth

  • Introduction to our Strategic Partners

  • Complete Mandatory Compliance Training (In-class or Online)

  • Collision Evaluation Application Assistance

  • And for more offers, connect with us!