We would personally like to thank you for becoming part of our amazing industry. Just like any new goal, such as riding a bike for the first time, it's not always easy at first to navigate through all of the required motions. We want to encourage you that the learning curve you will experience, will be worth it!


For New Carriers in Alberta, the process to start your transportation company has significantly changed. At Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you start your journey the right way, by operating within the boundaries of compliance. 


We can help with:

  • Safety Fitness Certificate Application Guidance (Assist with your entire process from start to end)

  • Safety and Maintenance Program - Creation and Implementation

  • Creation of Required Policies and Procedures

  • Create Required Driver and NSC Vehicle Files

  • Implement a Monitoring System to Ensure Operating Within the Boundaries of Compliance

  • Assist with Preparation of New Carrier Compliance Review Within first 9 – 12 months of Operation


Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions is a unique company that engages with multiple sectors of industry, that are future-focused and trusted. We care about you and when working with us, we can connect you with our industry strategic partners to maximize your success within the industry.