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A Real Desire to Serve Those in Transportation - Derrick Williams The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast

Friends in the Industry -

Today, I’m super excited to speak with Derrick Williams, founder, and host of The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast.

During our conversation, Derrick walks us through his journey leading up to the launch of his podcast and describes the various challenges he experienced when first starting out, and how he is using his platform to really help others in the transportation industry.

Listen to the episode now!

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I highly recommend visiting The Trucking Entrepreneurs Podcast by visiting their website or searching them on all major podcast platforms and social media platforms!

A huge highlight of the conversation today is when Derrick shares the story of some of the challenges he had to overcome when first starting his platform.

In my experience, a lot of times when we are first starting out on a new project or pursuing a new goal, we can become tied down by the frustrations unforeseen challenges present, that ultimately put a pause on our pursuits. I am super encouraged by Derrick's journey, and the steadfast effort he continues to put forth to serve the transportation industry!

Thank you again Derrick for joining me on the Truck Focus Podcast today!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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