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A Roadmap to Automation w/ Chad Hayden, CEO & Founder of Galatea Technologies

Friends in the Industry -

Today, I am super excited about my conversation today, as I have a great conversation with Chad Hayden, CEO, and Founder of Galatea Technologies.

During our conversation, we dive into the backstory of how Galatea Technologies went from an idea to a thriving company that's creating a huge impact in the transportation and oil & gas industries through the utilization of technology.

Check out the episode now!

One part of our conversation that gets me super jacked, is when Chad highlights how their clients are able to consistently uplift and celebrate their professional drivers - talk about an incredible recruiting and retention tool that needs to be integrated into your fleets!

I want to spend a moment highlighting the importance of consistency when pursuing your goals while maintaining a high level of patience in your pursuit.

In a recent conversation, I had about goal settings and patience, a mentor shared a perspective that I felt was really accurate –

He stated, “you can’t plant a tree today, and expect to eat the apple tomorrow.”

Simply put – the goals we set out for ourselves won’t necessarily be achieved overnight, not the big scary oh my goodness I can’t believe I am doing this type of goal anyhow – usually, they take time, and a lot of work, to achieve.

When you reflect on how the pursuit of your goals is going, do you find yourself feeling impatient, almost muttering daily “why hasn’t this transpired yet, I am working so hard?”

Well, I really want to encourage you to continue to push forward, as you pursue your goals. One of the greatest benefits of pursuing your goals is honestly not achieving the goal itself – that can be short-lived. The greatest benefit is the journey, and who you become through your journey.

In my experience, one of the best ways to stay consistent in your pursuit is to surround yourself with other professionals going after their goals strategically. You are who you spend time with, and when your goals are big, and you’re hanging around people that are dreamers and shakers, you can lean on and learn from each other in your pursuits.

You see, when I first connected with Chad not too long ago, something that really stood out about him was his passion to fulfil his goals because he understands the impact achieving such goals will have on not only himself, not only his team, but some of the largest industries across North America, the environment, and countless professionals working in these sectors.

Because of the POWER and VISION of Chad's goals, and his team collectively, they are creating an incredible impact - truly a pivotal impact - in the lives of many operating with the transportation, logistics, and oil & gas industries. I highly recommend connecting with Chad and the team on LinkedIn or directly on their website:

Galatea Technologies LinkedIn

Galatea Technologies Website

Thanks again Chad for joining me on the podcast!

Always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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