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Hiring For The Long Haul - The Absolutes in Transportation Recruitment w/ Jessica Kapasky Ep# 122

Friends in the Industry -

In today's episode, I am super excited as I speak with recruitment specialist, Jessica Kapasky, about the absolutes to successfully recruiting, and retaining professional drivers in the transportation industry.

As a third-generation transportation professional, Jessica is able to use her knowledge and passion to serve our industry with such value and knowledge, that is truly helping professional drivers and carriers succeed.

Listen to our audio episode now!

During our conversation, Jessica shares some incredible advice that carriers big or small can implement right away to improve not only their recruiting journey with new recruits but also the onboarding and retention journey.

First off, spend the time on your introduction phone calls getting to know the professional driver you are recruiting. Spend an extra 15 minutes, getting to know them, what they need, and ultimately what they are looking for. By doing so, you will have a greater understanding if you are the right outfit for them, and also if they are aligned with your company's mission.

Second, the journey of recruiting is a key component of employee retention. When recruiting a candidate, you need to stay invested in their success for the long haul and not say "okay, goodbye" after they sign the employment application.

Finally, to be successful as a recruiter, but also in our industry, you need to truly care about people. Not just the people you are looking to hire, but the team you work with, and your customers. You have the ability to create an environment where people want to come to work and do amazing things, by being a positive voice!

I highly recommend connecting with Jessica directly if you have questions regarding recruiting, need guidance, or are possibly looking for a position within the transportation industry.



Thank you again Jessica, I really appreciate you joining me on the podcast today.

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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