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A Roadmap On How To Achieve Your Goals w/ Dr. Barry Ep #85

Friends in the Industry -

In today's episode, I am excited to have Dr. Barry Gjerdrum return to discuss a very important topic, goals.

During our conversation today, Dr. Barry walks us through the importance of goal setting and provides strategic steps we can all take to help identify which goals matter most to us and how to accomplish them.

If you have been wondering "how on earth am I going to move the needle in my own life and accomplish more?" then this episode is for you!

Check out the episode now!

Dr. Barry recently shared an article in the January 2022 edition of the Truck Focus Newsletter that I highly recommend you check out!

Goals article link:

Excerpt from article:

"First of all, we need a WHY - a purpose or reason for wanting to change. Without a strong purpose, we tend to lose interest and focus and the goals fall away. Rather than say you want to lose 20lbs, dig deeper and ask yourself why you’d like to lose that weight. Perhaps you’d like to get into better shape. Maybe you’ve had a health scare and want to be there for your family. When you focus on the deeper reasons for wanting something, your chance of keeping focus is stronger and you’ll be more likely to reach the goal. According to Dan Hardy, “the power of your WHY is what will power you to overcome any obstacle and to achieve the seemingly impossible”.


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