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Alberta Sand & Gravel Association - Represent Promote Educate - Ep #63 Truck Focus Podcast

Friends in the Industry - Whenever there comes an opportunity to stand up for what is right, I believe we need to take it, especially if it helps protect others. Protection in regard to safety, but also in how we plan projects to help ensure they are a success.

Far too often in the transportation industry, we are expected to face situations where there feels like no protection is in place, and no one is advocating to fix the issues at hand. This is why I am excited about today’s episode, as I have a conversation with John Ashton, executive director with the Alberta Sand & Gravel Association, and Aurora Beekman, operations manager AMI Rockchain.

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Throughout our conversation, you will see how the Alberta Sand & Gravel Association is advocating for those in our industry, and I strongly recommend getting connected with them, especially if you are looking to haul aggregate in Alberta. Learn more: Contact John Ashton directly: 780-435-2844 ext 1

Alberta Sand & Gravel Association has a number of initiatives ongoing that truly help their membership. Become a member today! Important note: all members receive a FREE HSE Toolkit to help you and your operation safely work in and around sand & gravel pits! Carriers that are looking to register, so they can haul for aggregate producers visit here! Thank you again John & Aurora, I really appreciate your time today and for the value you shared in our conversation!


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Thank you again for taking the time to listen, and I hope you have a safe day!

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