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Are You Ready For The Future?

Are You Ready for the Future?

Take a moment and think about the world you grew up in. Did it include cell phones, the internet, private corporations more powerful than sovereign nations? The last one is up for some healthy debate, but the first two are a hard nope on my part. We live in a world where you can mount a tin can and hurl yourself through the air at speeds faster than sound, all while drinking a cocktail and watching your favourite show streamed from a computer humming away in a building somewhere on the earth. This description is partly to entertain but also to draw your attention to the world around us.

Disruptions are happening at a faster and faster pace. It took thousands of years to move from horses to steam carriages. A little more than a hundred years to move to mass produced combustion engines and decades to move to high-output electric motors. All of this happened while people were working tirelessly to modernize traffic management and keep up with advances in technology. We are now entering an age where vehicles are being designed to operate themselves and traffic management systems are being outfitted to communicate with them, providing road data and safety information critical to their journey.

When I was a teenager, every other 18-year old I knew had a driver’s license. According to a University of Calgary paper released in October of 2013, potential young drivers were shying away from getting their license due to “fear of or suspicion about the GDL program”. Now, it’s estimated that less than 50% of 18-year old’s living in cities hold a driver’s license. This is a significant problem as the introduction of Mandatory Entry Level Training has made obtaining a class 1 license significantly more expensive and demanding of time. Yes, it’s only 121.5 hours (air brakes included) but when you already have such low numbers of youth holding the most basic level of license, then how is anyone going to convince them to acquire a Class 1? The potential recruitment pool is extremely shallow compared to years gone by.

This isn’t your dad's trucking industry.

Carriers are looking to technology to fill those seats that are currently sitting empty. This is leading to new standards, regulations, and ways of working within an industry that’s seeing disruption clear across the board. Keeping up means staying informed on how these changes are going to affect us all. It starts with innovating to fill a need. But it doesn’t end there.


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