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Helping Bridge the Gaps in Transportation w/ Stephanie Carruth Owner of Minds for Matter

Friends in the Industry -

In today's episode, I am super excited to speak with Stephanie Carruth, owner of Minds for Matter.

As an industry leader, I really respect Stephanie's journey, as she’s really focused on bridging the gaps in the transportation industry. During our conversation today, Stephanie walks us through some must-dos when an organization is developing an onboarding program, and what can be done to help retain top talent.

Check out the episode now!

A huge takeaway from the conversation today is when Stephanie walks us through ways to really consider retention while navigating through the onboarding process. Additionally, when Stephanie highlights her appreciation for professional drivers, I really appreciate her deep sense of appreciation - absolutely incredible!

I highly recommend connecting with Stephanie, and learning more about Minds For Matter:






Thank you again Stephanie for joining me on the Truck Focus Podcast, and for the impact, you continue to have in our industry!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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