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Bringing Integrity Back to Our Industry w/ Bob Briggs President Pioneer Safety Solutions

Friends in the industry –

In today’s episode, I am excited to speak with Bob Briggs, President, and co-founder of Pioneer Safety Solutions.

Bob’s journey in the transportation and oil & gas industries is really exciting, but best of all I really value Bob’s approach to creating change for the better.

One of my favourite parts of our conversation was when Bob talked about the need to bring integrity back into our industry. I completely agree.

Check out the episode now!

I really appreciate that Bob voiced this belief throughout our conversation as we discuss cultural changes from an HSE perspective, the value telematics data can provide to support and encourage our professional drivers, and how his company is focused on helping their clients integrate the correct technology and programs into their businesses.

Learn more about Pioneer Safety Solutions and how they can help you and your business by visiting their website:

Connect with Pioneer Safety Solutions on LinkedIn:

Send them an email:

Or give them a call: Toll-Free (855) 682-2513

Thank you again Bob for joining me on the Truck Focus Podcast today, I really appreciate your time!


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