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Building Trust and Creating An Impact On Your Financial Journey w/ Bo Banner, Banner Wealth Ep - 109

Friends in the industry –

Today, I’m super excited to speak with Bo Banner, owner of Banner Wealth, as we dive into Bo's journey as an incredible student-athlete, to rocking out in the CFL, and now the owner of Banner Wealth!

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I think it’s safe to say that most of us care about our financial well-being and ultimately desire to grow our financial wealth. In order to grow your financial wealth, we cannot just hope we get lucky and win the next lottery ticket we happen to pick up, but we need to put in the work to strengthen our financial understanding to make it happen.

Like learning anything new, this takes time and effort, and sometimes we don’t have the time or don’t create the time in our schedules to learn about financial language, and processes required to grow our wealth.

This is why I am super excited for my conversation with Bo, as he talks about his mindset on building trust with clients through education and empowerment, and how he is using his years of experience training and playing football at a high level to push his business forward and grow his client's financial wealth!

Well, you definitely want to stick around until the end of our conversation, as Bo breaks down his mentality!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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