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ChainPro Tool - A Game Changer

Friends in the Industry -

As most of you already know, I am a huge advocate for protecting our professional drivers from injury or frustration.

One area that I commonly see and hear people struggling, regardless if they are on the highway or an enclosed site covered in mud, is applying and removing tire chains, safely.

Even in my own experience, I recall a time where I nearly had a finger fractured because of my terrible hand placement, and the force I was using to try and release a chain.

This is why I so proudly support ChainPro Tool, as they truly are a game-changer!

Furthermore, I really admire the owners of ChainPro Tool, Jim and Diana, as they are both genuinely great people that care for our industry.

I highly recommend you get yourself a ChainPro tool, by visiting:

ChainPro Tool

A tool designed to make chaining up easier, safer, and quicker.

The ChainPro is a universal tire chain installation and replacement tool:

- Extends drivers reach to help centre chains

- Removes kinks from chains

- Provides mechanical advantage to get chains tight the first time - saving time moving truck to re-tighten

- Hide-a-way Cam Lock Tool - prevents loss in mud or snow

- Works on most types of chains

- Built-in Ball used for knocking snow and must from chains

- Built-in Ball used to hit tires to check for air pressure

- Saves drivers existing truck a second time, reduces chances of slipping

- Save tire and chain wear from loose chains

- Fits in a standard toolbox

- Can be used to check brake travel

- Built-in Fifth Wheel Pin Puller

- Made in Canada

- Available in Safety Green or Orange


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Thank you again for taking the time to listen, and I hope you have a safe day!

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