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Considering Your Options - Digitization & Automation - Pioneer Safety Solutions

Considering Your Options - Digilization & Automation

A commonality we see when completing a thorough needs analysis with potential clients, and during the client onboarding journey, is the dependency on paperwork in their existing processes.

Paper processes, such as bill of ladings, inspection reports, log books, and more.

While we understand the regulatory requirement for these processes is in place, we see that far too often the frustration of completing and maintaining paperwork exists.

In addition, we see the cost of paperwork, both direct and indirect, that is ultimately hitting the company's bottom line, and adding to the frustration.

When appropriate, a question we ask after discovering this, is "have you considered going digital with your forms, and automating specific processes?"

A scenario could look something like this:

The prospective client, an Alberta-based carrier, is navigating through the needs analysis journey with a team member of Pioneer Safety Solutions. Throughout the conversation, we would ask specific questions about existing procedures in place, to help identity what is currently happening, and compare against what needs to be happening.

After the initial part of the needs analysis is over, and we feel we have a strong understanding of the prospective client's operations, we then schedule a follow-up conversation to discuss our results.

While going through our findings, there becomes an apparent pattern in the prospective client's operation - lots and lots of paperwork.

Paperwork is being utilized for internal communications between the driving team, and their in-house heavy-duty mechanics, also known as "cry sheets", that state the maintenance required on the power unit and or trailer.

Paperwork is being utilized for the bill of ladings, that has the equipment information their driving team needs to load and deliver to the customer, which is then supposed to be signed at the customer location, and then brought back to the dispatch office to be processed. (We can discuss the costs of this at a later time).

Paperwork is being completed for daily vehicle inspection reports, hours of service logs (Provincial carrier here in Alberta, Canada), and binders full of decade-old paperwork that at one point, were most likely important policies that have not been reviewed since the day they were placed there.

As you're reading this, it is possible that you are thinking to yourself "wow, I work for an organization like this" where paperwork is the one constant in your work life. One constant frustration...

So, let me ask you this - are you completing paperwork processes within your organization, that are causing your organization frustration and unnecessary costs?

Well, this is how we can help.

For starters, there are specific paper forms that can be created in a digital format and simply integrated into your operations in an electronic format. Documents, such as the cry sheet, inspection sheets, policies, etc.

From there, we can help create or enhance an existing procedure, to make the process streamlined throughout the organization. How much of an impact could this have on your organization's culture, if you didn't have to listen to the shop foreman screaming for paperwork to be placed in the red bin, not the blue bin, the red bin?

In addition to the digitization of forms, we also work with our clients to automate processes that do not necessarily require human intervention every step of the way. More on this in another article, stay tuned.

Best of all, we have partnered with some incredible organizations that provide even more value-added services that we know companies need in order to be successful. Partners that offer electronic pre-trip inspection reports and file monitoring, temperature control units that can have dedicated GEO fencing for product protection, dash cams, telematics, and so much more!

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Thank you again Dan for joining me on the Truck Focus Podcast today, I really appreciate your time!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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