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Exploring The Journey as a Published Author w/ Don Taylor & The Mindful Trucker

Friends in the Industry -

Today, I’m super excited to bring back Don Taylor, over the road professional driver and author of an excellent book Stories From The Road, and Dana, owner of The Mindful Trucker to the podcast.

During our recap conversation, Don, Dana, and I dive into the journey since Don’s book has officially been published, and Don highlights some of the stories included in his book.

A huge highlight of our interview is when Don and Dana share stories of over the road that they’ve experienced, and how it paints a picture of the opportunities operating over the road.

Please note, that this is an audio-only episode so you can listen by clicking the link below:

Listen to the episode now!

During our initial conversation in episode #70, Don shares what lead to him write the book, Stories From The Road, and highlights some of the key aspects of his journey operating as a professional driver.

I encourage you to check out episode #70 as well!

You can purchase a copy of Don's book, Stories From The Road by visiting his website.

I encourage you to connect with The Mindful Trucker to learn more about how they can help with your Health, Safety, Wellness & Drive Solutions! Thank you again Don and Dana for joining the podcast today!

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