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Fighting a Violation Ticket in Alberta - Work with Alberta Ticket Busters

Are you based in Alberta, and have received a violation ticket while operating a commercial vehicle?

Have you wondered "what can I do" now that a ticket has been issued?

Well, violation tickets can be disputed.

Alberta Ticket Busters has licensed and insured agents that can help.

To complete this, simply follow the instructions below:

Show Us Your Tickets

First, email a clear photo of your ticket(s) to along with a brief description of events.

Answer Specific Questions

Upon reviewing your ticket(s) and description of events, Alberta Ticket Busters may email you follow-up questions; simply answer them to the best of your ability.

Receive a Quote

Rates are dependant upon several things, including court location, the offence(s) you've been charged with, and the circumstances of your case.

Request an Agreement

If you wish to retain Ticket Busters, reply to your quote email with the "go-ahead". Alberta Ticket Busters will then draw up your customized client agreement, and email it to you along with an invoice.

Submit Paperwork

You will then email your signed agreement to along with payment. Alberta Ticket Busters will reply with a receipt.


Alberta Ticket Busters will request a disclosure, appear in court on your behalf, attempt to negotiate a fair resolution, and/or run your trial. You'll be kept up to date, allowing you to make informed decisions at every stage.

Learn more about Alberta Ticket Busters and how they are helping professionals and organizations in Alberta fight tickets:


Call: 1-833-TIX-FIXD (849-3493)


The Truck Focus is a division of the Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions company. We encourage you to learn more about our mission!

Furthermore, if you have a question or topic for a future episode, I encourage you to send us an email inquiry.

Thank you again for taking the time to listen, and I hope you have a safe day!

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