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Fit's Possible Trucking - Let's "Lose Weight & Move Freight" Together! w/ Candace Harmony

Candace Rivers' mission into the world of trucking began, fittingly, on Interstate 20 not far from her hometown of Oxford, Alabama. Rivers, 38, mother of 3, who has been working in the fitness industry for the past 19 years doing everything from personal training, group fitness, life coaching, and owner of her very own Fit’s Possible fitness studios, but felt a sudden, spiritual call to extend her work to truckers.

Her spiritual encounter created a complete shift of focus.

Trucking was something she knew nothing about but now couldn’t wake up without thinking about.

So she started doing the only thing she knew to do “research.” She discovered that there were many health issues that truckers faced, and was floored & heartbroken over what she discovered.

One of the most heart wrenching things she found was the research on Long haul truck drivers having a 19 year lower life expectancy then the average American.

They were also twice as likely to be obese compared to other US workers, according to research from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. They report more instances of potentially life-shortening conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure, and are at constant risk of fatigue and chronic injury. Candace explains they are also at high risk of blood clots from sitting for long hours, and that can lead to stroke or aneurysms.

Any of these risks could easily take drivers out of work and off the road -- bad for the driver, their families, and the industry.

"It broke my heart,"

she says. "So many drivers are sacrificing their life and their bodies for their families and to get people what they need."

Which drives her to move her mission forward even more. Her main goal is to add those years back to their lives which they greatly deserve.

With the hopes that sharing ways to eat healthier, stress less, and move more while on the road will help build a healthier & happier life towards longevity for truckers.

Now, Candace runs Fit's Possible Trucking, a fitness company that helps truckers stay active and eat healthy on the road. Several companies have integrated her programs into their health initiatives.

Candace, is Currently rolling out her Trucker Wellness Course Certification.

A Wellness course/program Created for our awesome Truckers. To help create healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health outcomes, so that instead of just surviving, you’re thriving while driving!

For more tips & ways to “Move Freight & Stay in Shape” with Candace you can follow and find her on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube by @FitsPossibleTrucking TikTok being her most active social media platform. You can also go to her website or email her.


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