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Freight Right Consulting - Increasing Compliance and Profitability in Businesses

Freight Right Consulting is a newly established Transportation Consultancy in BC. Founded by Trevor Nettleton, who was most recently employed with British Columbia’s Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement unit as a Carrier Safety Inspector, the consultancy brings considerable experience, professionalism, and knowledge to the commercial transport industry, in an effort to increase compliance and profitability in businesses.

Freight Right offers a multitude of services to carriers which include NSC compliance assessments, NSC Audit preparation support, policy and procedure development, training and recruitment services, and more.

When joining CVSE, Trevor initially accepted the position with to build qualifications and competencies towards his goal of becoming a police officer. The position allowed him to enforce provincial statutes commonly enforced by police agencies, and hone skills relevant to law enforcement.

Having been an Auxiliary Constable and police dispatcher with the RCMP for many years prior, he had all the foundations needed to be a competent police officer but wanted the direct file management experience to be competitive with municipal agencies. Trevor enjoyed his time with CVSE, however, after some time had passes, Trevor began assessing whether or not his actions and efforts were having as big an impact on carrier compliance and road safety as he had expected, or whether he could play a different role in improving it.

After reflecting upon his vision for the trucking community and road safety, Trevor determined that he could better support the industry by working in conjunction with it. It was then that he decided to establish Freight Right Transportation Consulting.

At Freight Right, they believe that having a proactive and engaged approach to supporting carriers, their staff, and their fleet, is the most effective way of advancing safety and compliance in the BC trucking industry. By implementing preventative measures into the operations of a business, carriers can expect to see notable reductions in vehicle and driver downtime, increased driver confidence in their employer and fleet, the fostering of a healthy and safety-oriented environment for staff, and more.

Freight Right provides their services to clients from all over British Columbia. If a company has been scheduled for an NSC Audit, if they have received any warning letters or safety plan review letters from NSC, or if they would just like an assessment of their compliance rate, Freight Right can bring their valuable services to their business. They’ll find not only the problems carriers know they have, but also the ones they didn’t know existed.

Learn more about Freight Right Transportation Consulting by visiting or call 250-667-4080.


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