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Goals: An article written by Dr. Barry Gjerdrum


Does the thought of having to set goals just because it’s a new year make you anxious? For many of us, setting goals means having to stop enjoying our chocolate, beer or salty treats.

That is NOT what it is all about! Setting goals is all about improving one or more aspects of our life. Goals give us something to reach for, stretching us out of our comfort zone and creating an opportunity to do or have something we haven’t done before. Especially in today’s world, we must create our opportunities and find ways to manifest our happiness!

First of all, we need a WHY - a purpose or reason for wanting to change. Without a strong purpose, we tend to lose interest and focus and the goals fall away. Rather than say you want to lose 20lbs, dig deeper and ask yourself why you’d like to lose that weight. Perhaps you’d like to get into better shape. Maybe you’ve had a health scare and want to be there for your family. When you focus on the deeper reasons for wanting something, your chance of keeping focus is stronger and you’ll be more likely to reach the goal. According to Dan Hardy, “the power of your WHY is what will power you to overcome any obstacle and to achieve the seemingly impossible”.

The important point is to recognize that it is the Process of moving towards your goal that creates a better version of YOU, rather than focusing on the end goal. In order to achieve your goal, you are going to have to do things differently. It is these action steps that will start to redefine you and create changes in you that make you a better you. Maybe you are having to get up earlier. Go to bed earlier. Eat healthier. Save more. Meet new people. These are the steps that, yes will get you to your goal, but will make you a better YOU along the way.

A great way to begin this process is to make a list of your Core Values. These are the tenets that guide you and create your beliefs. If you value health and fitness, then you won’t likely set a goal of watching as many Netflix shows as possible! If you value family, then perhaps your goal is to spend a long weekend each month with your family in the outdoors. Through knowing which values you hold dear, you can see what you care about most and then recognize what you’d like more of and then set your goals around them.

I have found that the best way to know if I am setting the right goals is when looking at them makes me feel excited, apprehensive and a little bit scared! Goals should stretch you and make you feel a little uncomfortable. They are there because you haven’t got them yet! Oh yeah, be sure to WRITE THEM DOWN! Super important. They need to be written out and looked at often. Keep a copy in your kitchen by the coffee maker, another taped to your bathroom mirror and yet another in your car and another at work. Constant reminders of what you want and why. Enjoy the journey and observe your growth :)


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