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Have You Traveled in Southern Alberta - I Have!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

As professionals drivers continue to navigate through Southern Alberta, I believe it is of extreme importance to offer insights on safe places to rest, where to obtain fuel, where they can utilize the bathroom just to list a few.

We travel the same roads as our professional drivers, and by doing so, when we are mindful, we can see the different challenges they face each day and offer solutions to such.

Cochrane, Alberta!

I am encouraged by how much support Cochrane, Alberta offers to the transportation industry!

The major highlight of this area is definitely the quick access to Tim Hortons along Highway 1A, as well as a couple of other food places and fueling stations.

In addition to the Tim Hortons, 10 minutes further down Highway 1A is a handful of safe locations for professional drivers to rest, eat, utilize the facilities, and more!

Jumping Pound, Alberta!

I am encouraged by the setup Jumping Pound, Alberta has in place to support the transportation industry!

The major highlight of this area is the Petro fuel station, and a large parking area right off Highway 1 heading West.

In addition to the Petro station, there is a commercial scale on the adjacent property, and enough parking for quite a few tractor-trailer combinations.

It is extremely important to ensure your weights are legal, first off while operating in Alberta but also ensure your weights are legal for British Columbia and wherever your travels will take you thereafter.

A list of available commercial vehicle inspection stations for Alberta.

While traveling East on Highway 1 in Jumping Pound, Alberta, there is another safe pull-out that is large enough for a handful of tractor-trailer combinations. This area will be very useful as we prepare for the upcoming Highway 1 closure in Golden, BC as the detour will increase the travel time by a couple of hours.

Banff, Alberta!

I am encouraged by how much support Banff, Alberta offers to the transportation industry.

Learn by about Banff, Alberta

I was encouraged by the various opportunities one could enjoy while I visited Banff, Alberta last week. Often, I believe there to be a misconception when people think about the transportation industry.

When I say transportation, I do not mean just your typical long-haul tractor-trailer, although I have the utmost respect for this sector in our industry.

When I was visiting Banff, Alberta, I was amazed by the number of tour buses still operating, even during the current pandemic.

Remember, by definition, a commercial vehicle in transportation is also defined as a passenger vehicle capable of carrying 11 or more passengers including the driver.

When visiting Banff, Alberta I consider you to visit and identify the different transportation planning that takes place, to have the town as peaceful as it is.

I know there are a number of different transportation companies offering services to Banff, Alberta that I highly encourage you to check out as well.

Bassano, Alberta!

We were super impressed today as we traveled East on Highway #1 and came across an excellent truck stop in Bassano, Alberta.

This location had tons of room, which included a large ESSO fuel station, a convenience store, and an Integra tire shop. Just down the way were a Subway location, the R&R Inn, and a couple of other accommodations conveniently located for professional drivers that stopped for a break.

The next time you're traveling on Highway #1 between Brooks, Alberta, and Strathmore, Alberta I encourage you to stop by!

Have a great day.

Tilley, Alberta!

Today's journey took us to a wonderful little hamlet, Tilley in Alberta.

We stopped for lunch at the Tilley Restaurant, and I will not lie, it was amazing!

One thing I admire most about Tilley, Alberta is the support for our industry, the transportation industry, as well as support for agriculture, our Albertan oil, rail, and more!

Tilley, Alberta is approximately 20 minutes East of Brooks, Alberta alongside Highway #1. The next time you are traveling in the area, I highly recommend stopping for a bite to eat at the Tilly Restaurant.

Have a great day.

Tim Hortons - Brooks, Alberta!

First off, I am a big coffee lover.

One thing I look forward to on our road trips is having a coffee (large black, half cold water) to enjoy while navigating through different parts of Alberta.

Today, we made our way through Brooks, Alberta - a nice town off of Highway 1 about 2 hours east of Calgary, Alberta.

We are super grateful for communities such as Brooks, Alberta that noticeably care about professionals working in the transportation industry.

If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting the Tim Hortons too!

Have a great day.


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Each source provides accurate reports of the weather conditions.

If you find yourself wondering how the weather is across each Province in Canada, then I encourage you to visit the links below.

Is Your Winter Preparation on Point?

As we transition into the winter season, it is important for Professional Drivers to prepare themselves for the potential challenges winter conditions bring while operating behind the wheel.

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