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How Communication Impacts Your Compliance Culture w/ Christine Van Essen & Carmen Gordon

Friends in the Industry -

I am super excited about today's episode as I have a great conversation with Christine Van Essen & Carmen Gordon, compliance leaders for one of North America's safest organizations!

During our conversation, we dive into how we communicate impacts the level of compliance buy-in within an organization, the importance of communicating clearly, and the necessity of having a high level of involvement from all levels of the organization to all the culture to thrive!

Check out the episode now!

I want to give a huge shoutout to our episode sponsor, ComplianceBox!

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During our conversation, both Christine and Carmen were able to clearly explain some of the processes they have created and implemented within their own organization to improve their compliance buy-in, and ultimately create a culture that is thriving within the boundaries of compliance.

One of the key pieces of advice shared was the importance of being visible and being involved!

Both Christine and Carmen talked about spending time in the field, getting to know what the frontline workers actually go through in order to understand better not only their operations but to be able to celebrate when workers are going above and beyond with their attention to detail and compliance achievements.

As mentioned in our conversation, Christine was also able to join me on the Truck Focus Podcast in episode #54 which I highly recommend checking out now!

Thank you again Christine and Carmen for joining me on the podcast today!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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