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How Proactive Communication Can Help Mitigate Your Company's Risks w/ Andrew Stacey, CDS

Friends in the Industry -

Today, I am super excited to have an excellent conversation with Andrew Stacey, CDS (Certified Director of Safety), National Commercial Fleet Safety/Loss Control Specialist with Aviva Canada.

During our conversation, we dive into risk, and the impact proactive communication has when working towards mitigating risks within an organization, and how the level of involvement needs to be with all levels of the organization!

Check out the episode now!

A huge takeaway from our conversation is when Andrew talks about the mentorship he received when he first started in the transportation industry, and how that moment formed his mission while interacting within our industry.

As we all navigate through our journeys in our industry, it's extremely important that we are receptive to mentorship, but are also willing to invest in others. We all have the ability to positively impact someone else's journey.

Thank you again Andrew for joining me on the Truck Focus Podcast, and for the impact you continue to have in our industry!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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Thank you again for taking the time to read, and I hope you have a safe day!

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