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How Well Do You Deal With Change? Anthony Butkovic, Workers Comp Simplified

Change can be tough. Unless it’s a change you want. A positive change is a “welcomed” change. Imagine if you just won the lotto…I’m sure you’d be happy with how different your world would look with your newfound wealth.

Which is why we are happy to share a change of our own. After 10 years of we are happy to announce our rebranding to Workers Comp Simplified.

Why the change? Why now?

If you’ve ever asked:

· How do I fill out a report?

· What do I say to WCB when they call?

· Should I appeal this claim?

You’ll know why we changed.

Over the past few years our focus has shifted from WCB consulting to teaching employers how to manage and appeal claims more effectively using our simplified approach.

We’ve specialized in taking a complex and scary system and breaking it down into principles that are easy to understand for any company to implement right now.

Over the past 10 years we’ve been consulting with clients and answering their questions. Now we are taking the tools we used every day and giving them to you.

Our New Services

Our services are broken down into: teach me, guide me, and do it for me.

Teach me

This is where we offer a library of WCB online courses as well as corporate training, specifically designed for a company and it’s staff to implement right now. In doing so, you’ll be given the principles that can apply to any WCB claims or appeal.

We’ll walk you step by step through some of the most difficult issues so that you’ll know exactly what to do.

Regardless of your level of experience, our students have successfully appealed & managed WCB claims in less time and saved thousands of dollars more than from any other WCB training.

Guide me

Perhaps you don’t have time to take a course. You have a problem, and you need it solved right now. Maybe it’s a question about what to do and say when dealing with WCB. With our “guide me” service we customize a program where a WCB expert will guide you through your issue or simply answer a question you have.

Whatever concerns you have going through the jungle of WCB, your WCB expert will guide you down the right path to safety.

Do it for me

Maybe you don’t have the experience, the time, or trust to manage or appeal a WCB claim. That’s where we come in and manage or appeal a claim for you. When a claim happens, you’ll fill us in on the details and from there we: manage / appeal the claim, write the letters, do the interviews, and speak with WCB.

This allows you to focus on your job while one of our experts handles the WCB claim for you.


We didn’t mess around with our logo too much, and we’ve kept the feel of the website the same. However, we did make a few additions.

They are:

WCB Insights – This is where you can find our blogs and videos where we give free information and updates on WCB related matters. Whether it’s tips on how to better appeal a WCB claim or a blog about a new change at WCB…you’ll find it here.

Take a course – In a matter of minutes you can be in a WCB online course learning how to manage or appeal your WCB claim. With one click you can browse our library of courses.

Contact an expert – We’ve updated our forms so that you can get in touch with a WCB expert right away.

Whatever your concerns are with WCB, you can feel secure in knowing that Workers Comp Simplified is a trusted resource that can answer all of your WCB questions.

Come check us out at


Check out our new welcome video:

We look forward to working with you.


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Thank you again for taking the time to read, and I hope you have a safe day!

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