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Hurdles carriers face when relying on paperwork, and how EnviroApps helps solve these pain points

About EnviroApps:

EnviroApps is eliminating paper forms that are currently being used to track the transportation of dangerous goods and waste.

Efficiencies can be gained by avoiding paperwork, filing, and storage, besides enhancement of safety through legibility and accuracy of information.

Even though Consignors are required by law to make sure accurate paperwork accompanies transportation of dangerous goods and waste, Carriers are almost always burdened with the responsibility for it.

At times Carriers are not sufficiently trained or are out of their comfort zone in managing this paperwork which requires an understanding of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) Act and Regulations.

By providing an easy-to-use, digital solution with drop-down menus, cloning of forms, error checks, and automated e-mail notifications, we help Carriers reduce compliance risk, enhance safety, and provide reliable ESG reporting data for their clients, at a fraction of their current cost and efforts. Our solution eliminates the need for printing, filing, courier, and storage of paperwork, making it easier for the Carriers.

Learn more about EnviroApps, and how they are helping Operations and EHS Managers, at Energy companies track dangerous goods, waste, and water use; ensure compliance, and provide better and reliable ESG reporting data, at a fraction of their current cost and efforts.



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