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If You Have a Dream, You Can Live It w/ Angel Power - Special Edition Episode!

Friends in the Industry -

In today's episode, I am super excited to have a great conversation with Angel Power, author of A Trucker Girl's Dream!

During our conversation, we dive into Angel's journey, and how she was able to turn her dream of becoming a professional driver and author into reality! A huge highlight of our conversation was the events that took place that had Angel go from a conversation at a coffee shop to a trip halfway across Canada.

Listen to the episode now!

A consistent message that I try and portray when discussing the transportation industry, is the variety of opportunities that exist within our industry that can literally be pursued by someone that is willing to say yes and just go for it.

Opportunities such as becoming a professional driver, a warehouse supervisor, maybe a dispatcher, or operations manager, or even getting into health and safety.

There are hundreds of ways you as a person, and as a professional can navigate your journey in our industry, yes, literally hundreds, but in order to get there – you need to be willing to get uncomfortable, and potentially scare yourself (not life or death fear but discomfort) to make your dreams your reality.

During today’s episode, Angel Power walks us through her journey in our industry, and how she was able to do exactly that – she was able to make her life long dream, something that has been in her blood since she was a kid, into her reality, and became a professional driver after a very interesting situation occurred.

Angel didn’t stop there, she also went on to write an incredible book, A Trucker Girl’s dream, and more!

I highly recommend purchasing a copy of A Trucker Girl's Dream here.

An excerpt from the book...

"Ruth has been a wife and mother most of her life. She developed a love for big rigs as a child and gave up following her dream of becoming a truck driver to marry her high school sweetheart. Now, with her children grown, her marriage in shambles and in search of a career change, she takes a once in a life time opportunity to travel to Regina, Saskatchewan in a Semi with a stranger. Little did she know that an impromptu, chance meeting over breakfast, would change the course of her life forever and put her on a path to true love, success and living the life she had always dreamed."

You can learn more about Angel Power and follow along her journey by following her on her Facebook Page.

Again, Angel, thank you so much for taking the time and joining me on the Truck Focus Podcast. I really appreciate the mission that you are on, and the empowerment you provided me and our listeners in today's episode!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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