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Pivotal Impact - A Series on How We Can Improve the Transportation Industry

People often ask me “what does a pivotal impact mean, and why do I say it”

So here it is:

A pivotal impact occurs when you have a choice. You’re at a crossroads and you can decide to go left or right, but before you make the choice you reach out to a trusted mentor and ask their opinion.

They say, if you go left this could happen or if you go right this could happen.

You make your choice, and go left and the outcome was considered to be a win.

The advice shared helps create a pivotal impact in your life.

Why do I say it:

A couple of years ago, we launched our company Pivotal, with the goal of helping carriers with their compliance needs. Since then, our mission has expanded and our offerings have grown, but our mission remains the same: to help professionals working in the transportation industry.

Truck Focus Podcast was launched to help introduce industry leaders that have created a pivotal impact in my own life, to the industry, so they can help create a pivotal impact in the lives of others.

We all have the ability to positively impact a life, and we do so by taking intentional action.

As we live out our week I encourage you to think about what a pivotal impact means to you, and think about who’s created a pivotal impact in your life recently.

I encourage you to really embrace how their impact makes you feel for the better.

What now:

You can expect regular inspiration messages from myself, Josh, the founder of Truck Focus Podcast, and the call to action.

I want to encourage as many people in our industry as I can to deliberately try and create a pivotal impact in the lives of other professionals in our industry.

This week's challenge: identify an opportunity to help create a pivotal impact in someone else’s life. Everyone has the ability to impact a life for the better.

I’ll be following up with how it goes.

As always, let’s create a pivotal impact!


If you have not already done so, I encourage you to sign up for our monthly Truck Focus Newsletter, as we continue to connect our industry leaders, to the industry, to help create a pivotal change.

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Furthermore, if you have a question or topic for a future episode, I encourage you to send us an email inquiry.

Thank you again for taking the time to listen, and I hope you have a safe day!

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