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Industrial Real Estate - What Transportation Companies Need to Consider w/ Jaison Thomas CIR

Friends in the industry – Today I am excited to speak with Jaison Thomas, Commercial and Residential Realtor with CIR Realty, as we discuss the opportunities in the real estate market in Calgary and surrounding areas, and the various opportunities transportation and logistic companies have to grow their businesses in 2022.

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A key piece of advice Jaison shares in our interview is that you really need to understand all of what is required of you before making a purchasing decision, and working with a knowledgeable realtor is key for your success. This is why I highly recommend connecting with and doing business with Jaison Thomas! Connect with him directly by emailing him at: Furthermore, learn more about CIR Realty by visiting:

Specific components to consider when preparing to purchase a piece of industrial real estate:

First off, consider your timing - as Jaison mentioned during the interview, if your lease is up in 1 month and you're looking to make a purchase and move in by the time the lease expires, you may need to take a different approach. Jaison suggests a minimum of 6 months to prepare, so you're making the right decision!

You need to pay close attention to the location of where you are buying. As they say "location, location, location!" Have in mind the absolute best-case scenario for your business when purchasing, so you are confident the location is best for your success.

The functionality of the space is crucial! Do you require a tractor and 53' trailer to enter your location to drop off the goods you need? Make sure you have a plan for this. Is a securely fenced yard with lots of lighting important to you? How much power will your building need? Are you on a no-truck route? These are just some of the important details to consider before you buy.

Finally, have your paperwork and finances in order before you attempt to buy! Work closely with your realtor and follow their advice when preparing your documents. Similarly, work closely with your commercial mortgage broker and lawyer to ensure you have the appropriate financing (or cash in hand) in place to make your purchase. This will bring a lot more peace of mind during the signing process!

Again, this is why I highly recommend connecting with and doing business with Jaison Thomas! Connect with him directly by emailing him at:

Thank you again Jaison, I really appreciate the value shared in our interview today!

Thank you for taking the time to listen today!


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