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Insights From Inside w/ Inspector Alan W. Wintermute R.S.E. (Retired) - Episode #93

Friends in the Industry -

In today's episode, Inspector Alan W. Wintermute R.S.E. (Retired) joins me on the Truck Focus Podcast. During our interview, we discuss Alan's journey as an inspector in Ontario and discuss his book Insights From Inside.

I really admire Alan's outlook on our industry and his passion to help carriers and professional drivers succeed.

Check out the episode now!

I highly recommend purchasing a copy of Inspector Alan W. Wintermute R.S.E. (Retired)'s book, Insights From Inside.

Inspector Alan Wintermute earned his license as a motor vehicle mechanic after having completed an apprenticeship in Ontario. The license was later divided into a few designations as the trade became more complex and servicing motor vehicles increasingly required specialized training and experience. Inspector Wintermute was grandfathered into two of those categories: truck/coach technician and automotive service technician.

The laws governing commercial motor vehicles are not easy to understand and it can take hours wading through them to find anything. Passing inspection requires a roadmap to which one must commit faithful execution over time. Insights from Inside, written courtesy of the experience of a transportation enforcement officer/CVSA inspector with a background as a licensed mechanic, provides that roadmap, along with tips and cost-saving suggestions for heavy truck drivers, owner/operators, and fleet managers. It also offers maintenance suggestions, insider insight, and strategies on how to pass CVSA Level 1 inspection during roadside stops with a commercial motor vehicle.

Purchase Your Copy Now!

Thank you again Inspector Alan W. Wintermute R.S.E. (Retired) for joining me on the podcast, and for all of the value shared!


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