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JD Factors - Factoring On Your Own Terms

J D Factors -

Factoring On Your Own Terms

I still recall my first conversation with my go-to advisor with J D Factors, Gord.

After he spent a couple of minutes, educating me on what factoring was, and how the process works - I found myself saying “where on earth were you when I had my trucking company?”

You see, the main struggle I had with my trucking company, and a struggle I know a lot of carriers experience is cash flow.

We spend hours upon hours servicing our clients, providing excellent service, finish the job, issue the invoice, and then are required to wait 30 to 90 days to be paid.

While this practice may be common in the industry, it’s extremely challenging to operate your business without consistent cash flow.

This is where J D Factors come in.

At no risk to you, the carrier, once you’re set up in their system, you simply offer excellent service to your client, provide the invoice to them, and then email that invoice directly to J D Factors and you get paid right away.

Incredible, I know!

If getting your hard-earned money fast, would help your business operation, and your ability to sleep peacefully at night, then I highly recommend working with J D Factors right away!

Important details you need to know about J D Factors

They offer non-recourse factoring programs, which is a huge mental relief for you, the carrier. This means that J D Factors assumes the risk of the invoice, while you maintain confident in your continuous cash flow. See more from the model below.

Learn more about J D Factors

Send me a message, or an email at and I’ll put you in contact with my go-to advisor, Gord.

I hope you have a great night, and let’s create a pivotal impact!


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