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Learning How to Navigate Through a Stressful Event w/ Rita Smith Road Warrior News

Friends in the industry –

One of the greatest aspects of the transportation industry is the people that work within. Millions upon millions of people directly work in the transportation sector, some realize it, and some don’t. As people, it is crucial that we understand we have a choice to how we respond to stressful situations, even if we cannot avoid the situation altogether.

In today’s episode, I am excited to speak with Rita Smith, owner of Road Warrior News, and a true industry advocate.

Check out the episode!

During our conversation today, we dive into “what is stress”, and highlight the current stress levels in the transportation industry, while Rita shares practical advice on how we can navigate through these times by taking action on how we handle the stress.

Rita’s journey over the last 30 plus years is also amazing, and I believe you will receive a lot of value from our conversation today.

I highly recommend visiting to learn more, as well you can email Rita directly at

During the course of our interview, Rita mentions Dale Carnegie and the powerful training taught in his book "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living". I highly recommend picking up a copy here:

Furthermore, we highlight another classic Dale Carnegie book definitely worth reading "How to Win Friends & Influence People". I highly recommend picking up a copy here:

As we prepare for future episodes, I encourage our listeners to ask themselves “what is it that I would like Josh and Rita to discuss, that will be valuable to me” and send me an email at with your thoughts. This way, we can incorporate it into upcoming episodes.

Thank you again Rita for your time, and for the valuable information shared today!


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Thank you again for taking the time to listen, and I hope you have a safe day!

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