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Learning How To Thrive In Your Community w/ Jack Bay, MyTrucker Pro

Friends in the Industry -

Today, I’m super excited to have a conversation with my friend Jack Bay, Social Media Manager at MyTrucker Pro, as we dive into what is community and the positive impacts of operating within the right community for you.

I highly recommend that you sign up for MyTrucker Pro today, for free and start getting involved. I’m super impressed with the community that’s thriving on the platform, and all of the benefits the platform has to offer!

You can learn more by visiting

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I think for a lot of professionals in the transportation industry, such as professional drivers, carriers, and other business owners servicing the transportation industry, one of the largest problems we face is navigating through the enormous amount of information we are required to know in order to be successful. Furthermore, it's finding the right professionals to build a community with, that will ultimately allow themselves, and others, to succeed.

To add to that, we also face the challenge of trusting who’s who and what’s what because unfortunately most of us have experienced some sort of distrust in the past.

MyTrucker Pro is an excellent community that allows professionals to connect with others, share trustworthy information, and best of all – get involved in the transportation industry to further their success.

You can learn more by visiting

Email Jack directly:

Thanks again Jack for joining me on the Truck Focus Podcast!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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