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Book Recommendation - February 2022 - Hero on a Mission

Book Recommendation for your February 2022

Hero on a Mission

Donald Miller

Throughout my own life, I have fought with a victim mentality. Part of this way of thinking, I believe, comes from my upbringing, while others come from what I allowed to live between my two ears.

For years, I have studied various inspirational and thought leaders, and trained my brain to acknowledge when the victim mentality was creeping in, so I could use my power of choice, and bluntly, tell the victim mentality to "get lost" and that it was not welcome in my brain.

Hero on a Mission is an excellent book, written by one of my favourite authors Donald Miller, that trains us to live a meaningful life.

In order to do that, we need to be diligent in not only combating a victim mentality but taking charge and making the decision to be the author of our own lives and be the hero on a mission.

Furthermore, Hero on a Mission trains how to create a life of meaning, how to create a life plan, but most of all, how to live out your life plan.

A key quote Donald writes at the beginning of the book is:

"I don't think any of us should trust fate to write the story of our lives. Fate is a terrible writer."

I highly recommend investing in yourself this February, and purchasing a copy of Hero on a Mission, written by one of my favourite authors Donald Miller, today!

You can purchase a copy of his book here


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