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Major Changes in the Canadian Commercial Insurance World w/ Steve Leibel

In 2021, many important things happened in the Canadian commercial insurance world. Even if you were actively embedded in the insurance industry, it would be practically impossible to know everything that has happened.

This month’s article is intended to summarize some of the major changes that happened in 2021 and explain what those changes mean.

Capacity Limits and Appetite

This year more insurers have reduced their appetite for certain industries. This was commonly seen within the Transportation industry. Many Insurers are looking more closely at the businesses they are insuring, now more than ever these Insurers are looking for information with regards to the Carriers Safety, Compliance, and Training Programs to ensure that these businesses have the infrastructure in place to be a safe company.

On the other hand, some carriers have also seen great results by introducing new protocols and procedures that assist them in becoming a safer company. By partnering with Safety & Compliance companies like PVTL, carriers can achieve lower premiums, better coverages, and access to capacity that wasn’t available previously. With the newfound attention that insurers are placing on the industry, the carriers that invest in their teams will continue to capitalize on their Insurance Programs.

Major Canadian Acquisition

On June 1 2021, RSA Insurance Group was acquired by the Intact Financial Corporation. CEO of Intact, Charles Brindamour, stated "Bringing together Intact and RSA will expand our leadership and accelerate our strategy as we continue to focus on outperformance across our business”.

This acquisition will bring RSA policyholders under the Intact Insurance umbrella extending exceptional claims service. Intact Insurance has created a team designed specifically for the Transportation Industry called “Specialty Solutions” with dedicated underwriting and claims staff. Ultimately, this could lead to greater Insurance Programs for the Transportation Sector in 2022 and beyond.

Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD)

While not effective until January 1 2022, throughout 2021 Alberta has been preparing for the introduction of Direct Compensation for Property Damage (DCPD). In simple terms, DCPD will be a mandatory auto coverage that covers damages to your own vehicle when you are involved in a Not at Fault collision versus, waiting for the At Fault Party’s Insurance Company. It is intended to eliminate the back and forth between insurers, reduce costs associated with recovering damages and getting you back on the road sooner.

For the majority of Albertans, there will not be a significant change in premiums, only a difference in how not at fault claims are handled. Until January 1 2022, Albertans traveling outside of Alberta in a province already regulated by DCPD who are involved in a no fault collision will follow that provincial laws related to collision reimbursement. This means if you have no collision coverage you may not be able to have you vehicle repaired”

In summary, 2021 has been a year of change for both the Insurance and the Transportation Industry. After the uncertainty of 2020, the Insurance Industry along with the world, recognized the importance of the Transportation Industry and is continuing to work to ensure its continuity.

The changes that occurred in the last year, should assist the Transportation Industry is achieving the most broad coverages at an affordable cost. As a consumer, the best way to benefit from these changes are by investing in your teams Safety, Compliance, and Professional Driver Training Programs. While costly up front, the benefits will greatly outweigh this in the long term regardless of which Insurer you are with.

For more guidance on how to navigate the dynamic changes of 2021 and inevitable future changes to come, please reach out to us at

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas Season and all the best for 2022!

Until next time, Keep on Trucking!


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