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My Opinion on Virtual Interviewing - Kiy HR Services

2020 forced our hand to interview our future employees online. Many of us had to make major adjustments to this new way of recruiting and there have been a lot of mixed feelings on this topic. Here are my thoughts on the pros and cons of virtual interviewing.


Interviewing online saves so much time for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

What would normally take up to 2 hours in travel time and interviewing for the candidate and 2 hours in prep and interviewing for the hiring committee, could easily be cut in half.

Worrying about who is going to sit where during the interview is no longer a factor. Positioning everyone properly in an interview is very important.

This is something I get into in detail in my Recruit Like a Pro training. When you are virtual, the stage is set in the same manner for everyone so there is no need to work that out ahead of time.

Along with the cost benefits of saving time, there are other cost benefits like the candidate saving on parking, gas, or transit.

All interviews can be recorded to reference later. This is a much better alternative to taking notes where you might miss something that you would like to refer to at a later date. Especially if you have two close candidates. Also, if there is a hiring manager, a CEO, a business owner or another interested party who was not in the interview, but would like to view the interview and get their take, having a recording is a great benefit to them.


The biggest downfall to online interviewing is for both the interviewer and the interviewee to really get a feel for culture fit. Personalities are harder to interpret through a screen.

Body language is always something that I encourage hiring managers to watch for. In a virtual setting, it is very difficult to get a read on how someone is reacting to a specific question.

Technical difficulties can create so many issues. The camera not working, audio cutting in and out, and video lagging are just to name a few. This makes it uncomfortable for all parties and can cause a major delay in the recruitment process.

If the position is not a remote or hybrid working position, the need to interview online might get confusing for the candidate. This could cause a great prospect to want to look at other employer options.

In my opinion, I think that interviewing online should be looked at the same way you look at how you recruit for every position in your company, is it feasible and does it make sense? As you can see, the advantages and disadvantages are almost equal, so looking at what works for your company is the best way to make a decision on how you will recruit.

Recruit Like a Pro - Virtual Training

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