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MyTrucker Pro - Thank you!

Friends in the Industry -

I want to give a huge shoutout to our friends at MyTrucker Pro for being such incredible people in our industry!

MyTrucker Pro is so much more than a community platform in transportation but offers a wide variety of opportunities to be successful in your journey.

I was recently acknowledged for my communication efforts and received this incredible hat and a very kind letter.

Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness, and for the opportunity to speak my truth.

If you are involved in the transportation industry, I highly encourage you to visit the MyTrucker Pro platform by visiting:

Thanks again, and as always, let’s create a pivotal impact!


If you have not already done so, I encourage you to sign up for our monthly Truck Focus Newsletter, as we continue to connect our industry leaders, to the industry, to help create a pivotal change.

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The Truck Focus is a division of the Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions company. We encourage you to learn more about our mission!

Furthermore, if you have a question or topic for a future episode, I encourage you to send us an email inquiry.

Thank you again for taking the time to listen, and I hope you have a safe day!

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