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Grain Haulers - Let's get you paid faster!

Grain Haulers - Let's get you paid faster! Are you a dedicated grain hauler, working as a contractor specifically for a licensed grain dealer?

Are you waiting for 30, 60, and sometimes 90 days to be paid after you've issued your invoice? There's a better payment solution available for you, that will help you be paid for the invoices you issue, within 24-48 hours! I work closely with a Factoring company, J D Factors, that offers programs that are customized to your needs, that are non-recourse. If you are looking to be paid faster, then send me a message today and I'll put you in contact with my go to advisor.

Important details you need to know about J D Factors

They offer non-recourse factoring programs, which is a huge mental relief for you, the carrier. This means that J D Factors assumes the risk of the invoice, while you maintain confidence in your continuous cash flow. See more from the model below.

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