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Protect Your Assets By Integrating GPS

Where Did It Go?

Friday afternoon, you roll into the yard, park your tractor-trailer, apply the brakes, and take a big sigh of relief.

You unchain the cargo securement utilized for the excavator you returned from a customer, lower the ramp on your trailer and safely unload the excavator and place it in the return location in the yard.

After placing your chains and boomers away, you complete your post-trip inspection, confirm your paperwork is handed in, sign your daily log and sign out of your onboard recording device.

As you get to your personal vehicle, you become excited for the weekend ahead, especially as you know this week finished without any trouble. As you enter your vehicle, you notice Steve, the service manager closing and locking the gate, and then pulling away in his pickup truck.

Monday morning rolls around, you pull up to the yard. As you get a little closer, you notice a police car parked out front.

As you walk towards the office, you see your boss having a conversation with the officer. Your boss waves you over, so you proceed to join them in the conversation.

Apparently, over the weekend, someone broke into the yard and stole the excavator that you returned on Friday, as well as a couple of other pieces of equipment.

You shake your head when you hear the news, and say “well, good thing you have GPS tracking on all of your equipment from FleetHunt Technologies, isn’t it?”

I highly recommend working with FleetHunt Technologies for all of your GPS and asset protection needs. They offer exceptional service at an affordable price.

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