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Success in Our Industry

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

First off, I want to express my gratitude to the professionals working in the transportation industry. Regardless of the challenges around us, we are an industry that continues to rise above to serve our communities and to help ensure the supply chain remains successful.

I ask that you take a moment, and think about what recent success you have been fortunate to experience in your personal life.

Were you able to finish that book, cut the grass, pay off debt, or buy a new home? Possibly, you were able to overcome an emotional challenge that had you feeling restless, reconnect with an old friend, or had a pleasant phone call with a loved one.

Let me ask, do you believe you achieved this success on accident or did you make a plan to accomplish such?

Denzel Washington (he’s somewhat famous so I felt appropriate to quote him) once gave a speech at university graduation, when communicating on a successful approach in life. He said, “Dreams, without goals, are just dreams. You need to have goals, you need to have a plan, and you must apply discipline and consistency, each and every day to achieve these goals.”

Therefore, your personal success was no accident. It occurred because at some point, you had a plan, worked on your goals, and achieved your success. This method applies not only to the success in our personal lives, but also to success in our professional lives.

I ask that you take a moment, and think about what recent success you have been fortunate to experience in your professional lives.

Were you able to finish that lingering report, complete your monthly yard inspections, rewarded a new business contract? Regardless of the success, the same method at some point applied, for your plan to work and for you to achieve your success!

One of the most beautiful aspects of success is that success is not prejudice. Success does not care about the appearance of the achiever, the gender, race, and colour, ability to speak, or hear. What success does care about is rewarding those, who had a goal, created a plan, and consistently worked the plan to accomplish such goal.

The transportation industry, our great industry, constantly pursues success.

Brilliant professionals creating a plan, and working consistently to accomplish the goal of operating one million miles collision free, using 5% less fuel YOY, professional driver retention improvement, larger profits, no injuries, and more.

We, as people, are OUR Industry. We, as people, matter.

In recent years, our industry has accomplished so much; integration of helpful technology to automate manual processes, simplified specific regulations, implemented required training, integrated fluid business practices to strengthen the supply chain, environmental conservation, implement a strategic recruiting process for gender and culture, and more.

These successes would not be possible without the acceptance of others - one’s limitation is another’s strength.

Our industry is great because we continue to come together each day to create a plan, consistently work such a plan to accomplish the goal in our pursuits of success.

Our industry is great because of the acceptance of culture, gender, physical abilities, as we understand without people; we could not accomplish the goals we set out.

As our industry continues to pursue success, I believe it is crucial that we continue to recognize that people matter.

As we continue to accept others, regardless of our backgrounds, gender, physical or emotional ability - our industry will continue to have the opportunity to be successful.

Remember, we, as people, are our industry. We, as people, matter.


Did you know, the Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions offers online compliance training that is designed by industry experts, to help ensure you meet your regulatory requirements?

If you or someone that you know requires compliance training and prefers to take the courses online, then I encourage you to send us an email to inquire further,

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