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ReadyChek - Enabling Fast and Accurate Regulatory Compliance for Inspections in Canada

Finally! An app for the 160km and under commercial operators in Canada to have

paperless daily safety inspections! Created for those who want the convenience of

a digital solution, but not the hefty price tag of an unnecessary and heavy-handed


Drivers tired of sitting in the yard, filling out paperwork, will appreciate the easy-to-use layout and how quickly they can record inspections and get on the road. ReadyChek can manage all of your daily vehicle inspection records for every vehicle in your fleet.

No more stuffed filing cabinets or boxes full of vehicle inspection reports, and no more lost papers or inspection books. This will save your organization time, office/storage space, and money.

The app helps eliminate fines resulting from erroneous safety reports due to illegible or missing information or worse - lost inspection records. When the driver starts a new inspection, the app auto-fills known values for the company, truck, and date, as well as provide single-touch gestures for filling in the inspection location and electronic signature. Drivers save time and aggravation from always putting in the same information every day.

Companies appreciate the consistency across all drivers and no longer having to decipher handwritten notes. Before saving the inspection, the app validates that all required fields have values and directs the driver to any missed fields. Additionally, the app provides the appropriate options for parts and the major or minor defects based on the required regulation Schedule for the class of vehicles being inspected.

With its intuitive UI and built-in schedule codes, using ReadyChek not only saves time when recording the results of an inspection but also reduces the effort for report training. Having the inspection reports immediately available online via a secure web portal and accessible by the operator or safety manager helps keep data organized and saves digging through boxes of paper books or searching through numerous vehicles. With all necessary inspection information available at their fingertips in the online portal, operators enjoy quicker and easier facility audits.

A current customer shared a story with us about a fire that destroyed a truck and trailer in their yard and severely damaged a second vehicle. It was not only a loss of the vehicle but inside the vehicle were over 12 months of inspection booklets. This unfortunate event highlighted the need for a more secure and reliable means to store inspection information. They are not the only company to store months of inspection books inside the vehicle, and they are definitely not the only one to suffer a truck fire. This incident made it clear they needed to look for a better solution and they chose ReadyChek.

Using the ReadyChek app keeps vehicles on the road and running safely since reported defects can have repairs scheduled before they’re even back in the yard. As soon as inspections are saved, safety managers or operators receive immediate email alerts of major or minor defects, allowing parts to be ordered right away. ReadyChek is MTO compliant with the Highway Traffic Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, Regulation 199/07 and the National Safety Code, Standard 13.

ReadyChek currently supports Ontario and NSC Schedules 1 and 2 for trucks and buses.

While the ReadyChek app can be used by any commercial vehicle in Canada1, the target market is the <160km commercial operators. This demographic has been underserved in the technology industry and the costly and heavyweight ELDs are not a viable solution. These companies need a lightweight and affordable digital solution.

ReadyChek provides the app and web portal as a package deal and the costs are relative to the usage.

There are no user license fees or costs to download the app.

The app can be downloaded as many times or on as many devices as is necessary.

ReadyChek only charges on a per month basis, based on the number of vehicles/trailers active in the system and the number of inspections created in the previous month ($0.50/inspection). This supports the seasonal operators who would have a reduced income in off months due to less work. In those cases, where inspection counts would be low to zero, the only costs would be the maintenance fee for the vehicles (currently at $1/month per vehicle).

1 - Currently supports English only

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