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Recap Conversation w/ Bradley George Lesco ProShow Convoy - Truck Focus Podcast - Special Edition

Friends in the Industry -

I am excited to have back on the podcast, Bradley George, one of the main coordinators for the Lesco Proshow Country Christmas Convoy that took place on December 11th, 2021!

In his return conversation, we discuss how the convoy went while highlighting the various organizations, cities, enforcement involved that helped make the Convoy such a success!

If you are interested in continuing to provide donations for this year's event, please email Bradley directly: Or speak with Les at Lesco Distributors:

Check out the episode now!

Check out some of the footage of the convoy here:

During our initial interview, Bradley highlights the reasons behind the convoy, where the convoy will take place, how to register, but best of all - the impact the toys and nonperishable food items will have on the various families in the Leduc County area!

Learn more about the Convoy by clicking here. If you would like to provide donations for future convoys, please email Bradley directly: Or speak with Les at Lesco Distributors: A huge shoutout to the members of Alberta Large Cars for helping make this event possible! The convoy started at BlackJacks Road House in Nisku for hosting the start of the event in their large parking lot! Learn more: which is located at 2110 Sparrow Drive, Nisku, Alberta. The convoy finished at the Leduc West Antique Society property, which is located at 49541 Range Road 260, Leduc County, Alberta.


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