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Reflection Leads to Progress - WCB Consulting Anthony Butkovic

As we end 2021, I always like to take this time to review the previous year and prepare for the new year.

When I look in the rearview mirror, my focus is always on:

· What worked

· What didn’t work

· What I need to do to make things better next year.

When we look at things based on what works and doesn’t work, it allows us to be more objective and honest. Too often we look at things from a perspective that was better or worse than it was.

When it comes to Workers Compensation and your account, there is much we can do. When I set goals for the next year there are some things I have clients look at to know what worked and didn’t work.

1. First we start off with what are the rates in 2022? a. Are they higher or lower than the previous year?

b. Higher rates are usually caused by previous years claims costs being charged against your account.

c. Try to find ways that will allow you to reduce these costs now and in the future. 2. Take a look at the reports provided by the provincial WCB and understand what types of claims you’ve had. Is there a pattern in claims? Are there areas you may be able to focus on as a company and change to reduce injuries from occurring?

3. Review your WCB program and try to identify gaps that can be strengthened. Often a claim goes in the wrong direction early because we didn’t get the right paperwork or have the right conversation with the worker. A solid program will ensure that everyone will be on the same page when a workplace injury occurs.

This allows you to have the best quality information about the accident and guide everyone in the best practices moving forward to take care of the injured worker.

If you’re not sure what’s missing out of your WCB claims management program, or perhaps you don’t have a program at all.

Check out our online course: Setting Up a Claims Management Program for Your Company.

Best wishes to a prosperous and safe 2022. Happy New Year!

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