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Road Trip Southern Alberta #2

The highlights of our road trip to southern Alberta!

This major highway corridor is regularly used by a number of different professional numbers, for a number of different reasons.

During our commute, we came across a number of heavy equipment haulers, intermodal haulers, hay and agriculture haulers, car haulers, and more!

We started in Calgary, Alberta and our destination was Foremost, Alberta to visit the Foremost House Restaurant which I HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting if you are in the area!

I have included the map link of the route we took, in the event, you wondered exactly how to get there safely.

From Calgary, Alberta, we headed south on the #2 highway and made a quick stop at the Aldyerside, Alberta truck stop (Petro Pass) that also includes a nice bathroom, a commercial scale, tons of parking, and best of all - an A&W!

As you navigate south on Highway #2 from Alyderside, Alberta, shortly thereafter (appx 26 minutes) you arrive at Nanton, Alberta.

Nanton, Alberta has a Flying J Travel location situated at the south end of town that conveniently has a Tim Hortons location across the street. I always feel it to be appropriate to share Tim Horton's locations, as I am a long-term client of theirs!

The trip continues, as you head south for another 25 minutes or so on Highway #2 and arrive at Claresholm, Alberta.

Claresholm, Alberta is a wonderful town, that I can tell really supports the transportation and agricultural industries!

When departing Claresholm, Alberta, and heading south to Lethbridge, Alberta, there are two convenient ways that you can take:

1) Proceed south on Highway #2 to the town of Fort Macleod, Alberta.

This is our normal route, as I am usually in need of my second coffee by this point and there is a Tim Hortons conveniently located right off of the highway!

In addition to the Tim Hortons, there is an Independent Grocery store with tons of access for commercial vehicles, in the event you need to pick up extra supplies for your commute south.

From Fort Macleod, Alberta, you then proceed onto Highway #3 towards Lethbridge, Alberta.

2) Your section option, which is the route we traveled yesterday, is you head East on Highway #519 and then south again on Highway #23.

This was a beautiful detour, with a time savings of about 15 minutes or so. Prior to arriving in Lethbridge, Alberta I highly recommend stopping in Coalhurst, Alberta.

The ESSO fuel station is conveniently located off of Highway #3, and the staff was super friendly! https://www.

I noticed that across the roadway of the ESSO fuel station, was a grocery store and a pub.

The commute from Coalhurst Alberta, to Lethbridge, Alberta was only about 15 minutes.

From Lethbridge, Alberta to Foremost, Alberta you proceed on Highway #4 for about 30 minutes, and then head east on Highway #61 for about an hour or so until you arrive in Foremost, Alberta.

I highly recommend this drive, as there were tons of locations for professional drivers to rest, sleep, utilize the bathroom, and arrive at their destination safely.


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Success in Our Industry

First off, I want to express my gratitude to the professionals working in the transportation industry.

Collision Evaluation - Alberta

In Alberta, all collisions reported to Alberta Transportation involving your NSC commercial vehicle(s)will appear on your carrier profile as a preventable collision.

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