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Safety & Compliance – Do the Requirements Create Roadblocks in the Trucking Industry?

“To keep it honest and straightforward, there is a ton of information trucking companies and other organizations are required to know and do in order to comply with the requirements in our industry,” says Josh Hannaberry, owner of Pivotal Transportation Industry Solutions.

These requirements include safety and maintenance programs, file manager, documentation retention, training, vehicle inspections, properly securing the cargo that you are hauling, and more.

How do you know if you are adhering to the regulations and operating safely?

To determine if you are adhering to the regulations, and operating safely, there are some factors to consider.

First, check your Carrier Profile report to determine if you have received tickets, failed inspections, or had ‘at-fault’ accidents.

Your Carrier Profile report, which can be obtained for free will help you determine if your on-road performance is meeting or exceeding the industry standard.

Next, consider if you have had any injuries with employees. If you have had injuries then this could be an indicator that employees are taking unnecessary risks on the job.

Insurance Barriers Create the Largest Safety Roadblock

Managing risk is one of the most crucial responsibilities everyone working for a trucking company takes on, regardless of job title.

Understanding what your risks are and mitigating these risks through strong safety practices will drastically improve not only your insurance rates, but the likelihood of your trucking company being able to obtain affordable insurance at all.

When trucking companies do not manage risk, it reflects on their carrier profile and other metrics that insurance companies use to determine if they will provide coverage and what the premiums will be.

Trucking Companies Cannot Afford to Overlook Safety and Compliance

Trucking companies that are looking to operate within the boundaries of compliance, and offer excellent service for the long haul, cannot afford not to comply with the regulations

Regardless of if you are brand new to the trucking industry or have been in the business for 25+ years, understanding what is required of you and complying with these requirements is crucial for the success of your business, your team, and your customers, and your industry.

Important Takeaway

Safety and compliance initiatives are just one of the many costs that trucking companies need to cover. If you are operating a trucking company that is registered in one of the 4 western Canadian provinces, you can learn more about your carrier profile by clicking on the link below that is appropriate to your province:

British Columbia




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