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STTTREAM - A One Stop Source For Members of The Trucking Community w/ Zach Miller Ep #95

Friends in the Industry –

In today’s episode, I am super excited to have Zach Miller, head of media and business development with STTTREAM, a media publication of join the podcast!

During our conversation, Zach walks us through his journey in the transportation industry, as he started out at a young age helping his father’s law business with paperwork and various tasks. Since then, Zach has been involved in launching New York Truck, New York Truck Stop Radio, and now with STTTREAM.

A huge takeaway from our conversation today is the number of opportunities we all can pursue in the transportation industry.

Check out the episode now!

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Or search STTTREAM on all major podcast platforms!

If you are looking to sell, or buy, a truck tractor or trailer then I highly recommend visiting right now! Thank you again Zach, I really appreciate you joining me today!

Truck Focus Podcast introduces transportation industry leaders, to the industry, to help create a pivotal change. The podcast is designed to share our industry leader's knowledge with those working within or looking to get into the transportation industry, to help demystify specific requirements and offer guidance on important decisions.

Thank you for taking the time to listen today!


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