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You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure w/ John Farquhar Summit Risk Solutions Ep #110

Friends in the Industry -

Today, I’m super excited to speak with John Farquhar, owner of Summit Risk Solutions Inc, as we dive into his journey, and his approach to helping identify risk, and empower trucking companies to mitigate risk, through education, empowerment, and entertainment!

I encourage you to visit the Summit Risk Solutions website to learn more about John, and the impact his company is having in our industry.

Check out the episode now!

In the transportation, logistics, and insurance industries, a common statement I hear being communicated is “there’s just so much to know, and so many rules to follow in trucking”.

I believe this statement to be true, there is a ton of information to know, but regardless of how much, it is crucial that you know and complies with the requirements.

I like to think of the regulations trucking companies must comply with, as the rules of the game a team needs to follow.

When you understand the rules of the game, and your team understands the direction from the coach, or in this case, owner or manager, it becomes a heck of a lot easier to win.

Just like all sports teams, trucking companies need to align themselves with mentors and consultants, like John and Summit Risk Solutions, to help them understand how to understand the requirements and be educated on how to comply with the requirements while operating as effectively and profitably as you can!

I encourage you to visit the Summit Risk Solutions website to learn more about John, and the impact his company is having in our industry.

During our conversation, John and I highlighted that he is the co-star of an exceptional podcast, Trucking Risk and Insurance Podcast which I highly recommend adding to your must-listen list!

Each episode is jam-packed with value, education, and best of all, laughter and entertainment as John and fellow co-star Chris Harris educate the transportation industry!

Thank you again John for taking the time to join me on the podcast today, and for the impact, you continue to have in our industry!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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