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The Long Haul - Truckers, Trauma, and Resilience

The Long Haul - Truckers, Trauma, and Resilience

The origin of this research project, completed by my friend Morgan Beaudry, was inspired by observations and a simple question.

In summary, "how is the driver doing after being involved in a fatal collision?"

Regardless of fault, regardless of the cost of repairs or lost products, in your opinion - are we asking this crucial question enough?

Are we offering assistance when the driver states that they are not in fact, okay?

I encourage you to read through Morgan's research here:

Furthermore, I challenge those who are in a position that oversees professional drivers, to ask the question "how are you doing" post-collision, regardless of catastrophe, and genuinely listen to their answers.

Professional drivers, if you have ever been in a collision, I also encourage you to speak up about how you, as a person, are doing.

Thank you again Morgan for completing this project, and for all of the professional drivers that participated.

Thank you to all professional drivers that continue to make it happen each day.

Learn more about Knights of the Road, an initiative Morgan lead to help professional drivers share their story after dealing with traumatic collisions.

Learn more:

Morgan recently opened Road Ahead Counselling, a practice that puts you in the driver's seat and, together, you will explore past and present factors complicating your life. Morgan uses techniques from narrative to gestalt to genograms, together you can find a path that moved you toward who and what and how you want to be.

Learn more about Road Ahead Counselling:

Contact Morgan directly via email:

Thank you again Morgan!


For anyone that has worked in the transportation industry longer than a minute knows, at some point or another, we all experience challenges that put a strain on our mental health. A number of examples in my own experience come to mind, such as operating a commercial vehicle in traffic, planning trucks and a piece of equipment breaks, etc, and having to navigate through these challenges.

As we navigate through these challenges and ultimately create our own victories, all of this action has an impact on our mental health. Possibly you are feeling less like yourself over the last few months?

I know I have.

That is why this series is so important to me and my own journey, and I am excited for the impact it will have on the lives of those in our industry that continue to create success each day while battling various challenges.

We need to all understand that our mental health needs to be taken seriously, and there are a number of actions we can take each day to protect and strengthen our own mental health.

There are also situations that require medical attention. Regardless of where we are at today, I look forward to all of us making strides to become better.

Most importantly, if you are in a mental state where you feel lost, confused, or uncertain - please reach out. If that means reaching out to myself, to others in our community, to a medical professional, or whomever - please make sure you reach out.

Thank you for taking the time to listen today!


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