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The Power of Visibility - GPS Monitoring Systems - Asset Utilization - Pioneer Safety Solutions

Over the last few years, organizations operating within multiple industries have been utilizing GPS monitoring systems, for a variety of purposes, that ultimately have helped their business function.

It is important to note, GPS monitoring systems, in all intensive purposes, are not just installed and utilized to act as a "big brother" eye in the sky for those operating the commercial vehicles they're connected to. While there may be specific circumstances where this is appropriate, most organizations implement GPS monitoring systems for operational improvement.

In today's article, we will take a look at how an organization can utilize GPS monitoring systems for optimum asset utilization.

Asset Utilization

Visibility is a key ingredient for asset utilization. Having the ability to know where all of your assets are, regardless if it is a truck, tractor, trailer, piece of heavy equipment when you know where these assets are 24/7 and can retrieve pertinent details about them with a couple of clicks of your mouse, has a huge upside for your operations.

For example, rental companies that are renting out thousands of pieces of equipment across the country can simply install GPS systems onto each unit that goes out on rent. From there, the rental company can provide access to their customers, to gain access to the log-in screen to be able to see exactly where their rented equipment is, at no extra cost to them.

The benefit of this, for example, on a pipeline project that requires hundreds of generators and light towers, means that the customer can have constant visibility of the rented assets, and dispatch crews to relocate the units as required on the project. This helps eliminate the good ol' "well, I think unit #1 is at mile marker 56 as that is where I put it last" only to find out that it was relocated by the night crew to mile marker 93 the night prior... yes - that is a big waste of time.

Another example of utilizing GPS monitoring systems for asset utilization is in the general freight sectors and the use of hundreds of 40' dry van trailers to move products for a major retailer. Similar to the example above, when one professional driver delivers unit #007 from Calgary, Alberta to London, Ontario to a warehouse and places it at door 7. You wouldn't want to dispatch a second professional driver to go pick this up, only to find out the shipper had the unit shunted to a separate warehouse 45 kilometers down the road... - yes, that is a big waste of time.

Having GPS units installed in your power units, on your trailers, on your pieces of heavy equipment, and having 24/7 visibility of where these units are, provide an opportunity to better utilize your assets, and increase your customer's experience tenfold.

Pioneer Safety Solutions offers a variety of solutions with respect to GPS monitoring systems, that help our clients further their success in the transportation, logistics, and oil & gas sectors. Our services include vehicle tracking systems, fuel monitoring and control, safety & security solutions, and more.

If you have questions about the right technologies to integrate into your organization, or in regards to your health and safety, or transportation safety requirements as an organization, I encourage you to contact us at Pioneer Safety Solutions today.

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At Pioneer Safety Solutions, we craft customized safety solutions suited to each client.

We do not just sell products, we sell safety solutions!

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