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The Power of Visibility - GPS Monitoring Systems - Fleet Protection - Pioneer Safety Solutions

Over the last few years, organizations operating within multiple industries have been utilizing GPS monitoring systems, for a variety of purposes, that ultimately have helped their business function.

It is important to note, GPS monitoring systems, in all intensive purposes, are not just installed and utilized to act as a "big brother" eye in the sky for those operating the commercial vehicles they're connected to. While there may be specific circumstances where this is appropriate, most organizations implement GPS monitoring systems for operational improvement.

In today's article, we will take a look at how an organization can utilize GPS monitoring systems for fleet protection.

Fleet Protection

I recall the first conversation I had when a business owner a number of years ago, who was looking for a GPS monitoring system to install into his bobcats and excavators that were at various job sites across the city I resided.

His concern started after the local RCMP called him to make him aware that his equipment was apparently on a theft watch list, as they believed a group of thieves in the area was targeting his equipment on an upcoming night after the job site was closed.

I still remember the puzzled tone in his voice, as he described his interaction with the RCMP, but also processing the fact that someone wanted to steal his equipment and the ripple effect that would have not only on him, but on his crew, his client, and what he felt - his reputation as a business owner.

As most of us can agree, in business, and in life, our word means a lot. When we give our word to a client or a family member, we take this commitment extremely seriously. For him, the thought of letting down those he gave his word to because a group of thieves had other plans for his equipment, made him quite upset.

This led to him reaching out to discuss GPS monitoring systems, how they work, and how they can be installed into his equipment. The technology in GPS tracking has improved since he had it installed back then, but the peace of mind the GPS offered him with his goal of asset protection was huge.

The above situation is just one of the countless encounters we at Pioneer Safety Solutions have had with owners of equipment, from heavy equipment to commercial vehicles (trucks, tractors, and trailers) when discussing the benefits of protecting your fleet with the use of GPS Monitoring.

With the variety of equipment being utilized at various jobs across the country, having a piece of mind that your assets are visible 24/7 can be a huge relief from a fleet protection standpoint. If you have been considering GPS Monitoring Systems for your fleet, then you are encouraged to reach out to us today!

Having GPS units installed in your power units, on your trailers, on your pieces of heavy equipment, and having 24/7 visibility of where these units are, provide an opportunity to better utilize your assets, protect your assets, and increase your customer's experience tenfold.

Pioneer Safety Solutions offers a variety of solutions with respect to GPS monitoring systems, that help our clients further their success in the transportation, logistics, and oil & gas sectors. Our services include vehicle tracking systems, fuel monitoring and control, safety & security solutions, and more.

If you have questions about the right technologies to integrate into your organization, or in regards to your health and safety, or transportation safety requirements as an organization, I encourage you to contact us at Pioneer Safety Solutions today.

Simply give us a call at 1-855-682-2513 or complete the Get in Touch form today!

At Pioneer Safety Solutions, we craft customized safety solutions suited to each client. We do not just sell products, we sell safety solutions!

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