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They Are Known and They Matter w/ Candace Harmony - Fit's Possible Trucking - Ep #112

Friends in the Industry -

Today, I’m super excited to speak with Candace Rivers, owner of Fits Possible Trucking, who is on a mission to help change the lives of professional drivers and organizations within the transportation and logistic industries.

Candace’s story of how she came to start Fits Possible Trucking is absolutely amazing, as she quickly realized that professional drivers are not forgotten about and that they do matter.

With her years of experience in fitness and coaching, Candace is using her skillsets to work closely with the professional driver community and organizations, to help transform lives, and empower them that they do matter and that they need to be treated as such.

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One of the largest challenges the transportation industry is facing currently, with respect to professional drivers, is recruiting and retention. Whenever I am scrolling through any social media platform, I see an overabundance of organizations hiring and there are noticeably fewer professional drivers in our industry collectively.

One approach that I believe will help not only recruit professional drivers into our industry, and attract people to organizations, but also help retain their services, is investing more time in creating a culture of appreciation and acceptance.

For more tips & ways to “Move Freight & Stay in Shape” with Candace, you can follow and find her on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, LinkedIn, & YouTube by @FitsPossibleTrucking

TikTok being her most active social media platform.

You can also go to her website or email her.

Thank you again Candace for joining me on the Truck Focus Podcast, and for the mission that you are on!

As always, let's create a pivotal impact!


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